Nuff NBA Pure Sim Season BOUT READY !!!

NuffWORLD NBA Pure Sim Season IV

Just Around the Corna !!

Hey Family.... I have gone through the forums and made several updates... BIG TIME THANKS to all the admins on keeping things running nicely as my schedule continues to stay pretty heavy... DX.. you have done an AWESOME JOB keeping up with the spreadsheets.... Nuffers... you should be very thankful to him and the other admins !! We hope to start the new season within the next 7 to 10 days... we are pending a player update and then we will create the regular season !!  In the meantime... PLEASE COMPLETE YOUR ROSTERS and GET WITHIN CAP Rules.... most teams are there.. I think I only saw 4 teams that need to make some final moves...  thanks again everyone and let's prepare for a nice season !!! Here are your latest Spreadsheet Details.... just clik on the logo below !!