Whelp My Nuffers... the time has come for a restoration of NuffWORLD Principles... 

Integrity, Respect and Sim Play !!!

That's Right... your NuffNBA league is STARTING FRESH !!!

This PURE SIM League will be an invite only league that will require an interview and a league panel vote to get you VIP service !! 

I know you can hang !!

Simply click the image above to let us know you want to be challenged by competing in the NuffNBA PURE SIM FRANCHISE LEAGUE !!

Click READ MORE to view updates as of 12/15/12

UPDATES as of 12/15/12

OK Nuffers a few updates as result of meeting last night... the Panel expects to complete the voting over the weekend.... I will then post the final cut.. if you did not make the final cut.. does not mean that you were completely rejected... could mean that concerns or questions simply have not been resolved yet...

1. VIP Membership

This is an invite only league... once you are voted in you will have much to say as to how the lg will play. The 5 man panel has the final say on everything and via vote.. however everyone will have a chance to make suggestions and the entire lg will have opportunity to vote on direction.. the outcome of the vote will guide the panel.

2. Admins

Admins will be nominated and elected.. and will be given specific responsibilities. Anyone will be able to nominate for an admin position.. including yourself.. once the list is gathered. the 5 man panel will vote on the nominees and determine jobs. No one can become an admin without being nominated first. At the end of each season... there will be new elections... you can either support an admin already in if they accept the nomination or elect a replacement admin.

3. 5 Man Panel

The 5 Man Panel... in this case Wes Dot, Elite, GDeini, Holiday and N Miami have the final say on how the lg operates... all decisions must carry the majority vote before anything can be done... this goes from rule and/or slider changes, removing ballers and all penalties. At the end of the season... there will be elections where a new 5 man panel will be established. If all are happy with the current panel.. simply vote them back in.. if anyone wants to run for the panel... we will have elections and you all will vote in the panel for the new season. btw... the idea is to rotate this power.. even if a panel member is replaced the next year... does not mean that panel member underperformed... simply may mean you all want to rotate.

4. Restart

The main issue is how we will restart... this will be your two options... I will put a poll up shortly for VIP members to vote on... again the results will give the 5 man panel something to work with but the final decision is theirs.

Option 1 - Completely new draft... if we do this

All contracts will convert to REAL NBA Contracts and the Soft Cap will be reviewed and if needed..... increased or revamped... I will be responsible for that setting the new cap rules as applicable.

The draft will be done in the game... which means the order will be determined in game...  if a computer is drafting for someone.. whoever they draft will count... though not being at the draft without communicating why will be a bad start for a member of this lg.

All teams will start with the 12 players on your rosters...

I will place each VIP Nuffer into a lottery machine where you will be drawn to select Team Uniforms...


All current rosters, trades, penalties, draft picks.. will all transfer over. If anyone was serving a penalty in last lg.. they will get credit for time served... for example.. Kevin Durant is on a 41 game suspension... the Thunder played 25 games before the shut down... therefore Durant will still have 16 games left to serve.

Any Nuffer can either reclaim their current team or go for a vacant team roster.

If you choose to jump in the lottery... your prior team will enter the lottery and you will be added to the lotto machine along with new nuffers and the results of the drawing will determine the order of selecting teams.

There are several teams that are over cap.. with the new limits on not being able to go over the cap... those teams will need to trade down or restructure contracts to get under the cap.. ALL CAPS.. hard and soft...


FINALLY and for

The League is expected to be created next week. Draft night will be dependent on how you want to press forward... The current lg will be left up and will become a "D" league for new nuffers looking to get in main league... the sliders will match the VIP sliders. There are no roster rules over there.. you will be able to trade as you like. VIP members are welcome to play over there as well BUT understand that if we have new members that need to be looked at... they will be given a team in the "D" league. My initial thoughts were to disassociate NuffWORLD from the current league as far as giving it time and space... but we've never run from anything and don't want to here.. if the "D" league shows itself a worthy cause.. I will create a separate section on the site for the league.