Minutes and Announcements after Nuff Madden Off-Season Meeting

Aight Nuff Family … First of all… Congrats again to Ced2422 and his Saints in taking the Super Bowl… Very Nice Ced !!!!

 We have met and decided on how we will move forward in Nuff Madden !!! Here are your announcements


We will be creating a NEW MADDEN LEAGUE on Xbox so that we can carry on our Franchise League… The following applies

Your Spreadsheets Rosters are your OFFICIAL Rosters… I will be maturing all contracts and creating a Free Agent List shortly.
Admins have already created the new league and are working on rosters now. As soon as your team is ready.. you will be giving the league information.
Right now there is still NO TRADING allowed while we perform maintenance on the teams. As soon as contracts are matured… we will open free agency bidding and then we will allow trading.

We will play the preseason games and have adjusted several sliders. PLEASE assist us by playing your pre-season games just like they are real games… follow all rules… this will help us as we have addressed the following concerns. Right now the sliders may seem extreme… again we need you to play like you would in season so we can adjust sliders in time for week 1 of the regular season.
i.      Too Many Fumbles (Less turn-overs)
ii.      Bad tackling
iii.      Better defensive awareness


 i.      You have until week 1 of the regular season to make this announcement.
                 ii.      If you choose to defranchise your player – you will need to resign him under a regular contract


The legend is as follows - 
Starting this season













    Franchised Players CANNOT be traded

      At anytime during the season – you may defranchise your player and sign him to a regular contract IF the player agrees to your contract offer.

        At the end of the season – a FRANCHISED PLAYER will become an UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT.

          If you already have a player under a multi-year franchise tag – that tag WILL BE HONORED for the entire term of the tag originally signed. However all future franchise tags are only for 1 year.

          SALARY CAP

          No Team can go over Hard Cap ($100 Mil) AT ANY TIME… In season or off season…period
          If you are over cap – you will be alerted via your team page and you will need to repair immediately to avoid fines and/or player suspensions to be determined by admins. The best way to not have to worry about this is to stay under cap…. Simple as that.

          There will be NO maximums or minimums to your player roster. You can have as few or as many players as you like as long as you stay within your cap.
          All players on your roster should be on your spreadsheet….. if we find that you have signed a player in-game… and have not announced that signing on to your spreadsheets… penalties and/or suspensions will apply.

          FREE AGENTS

          There will be a free agent list published shortly with a bidding form attached. Remember... this is a COURTESY LIST and MAY NOT include each and every free agent in the game.

          Mwils1 will be the primary agent for ALL PLAYERS and will expedite signings using the best offer out there.

          If there are multiple GOOD OFFERS out there… I will contact all teams involved and allow a bidding war on the player.
          To be clear… if there is a really good offer out there… and a really bad offer out there… I WILL NOT contact the team with the bad offer. I will only contact teams with competitive offers so make your first offer a head-turner… lol.
          If there are single offers out there I will award the player to the team making the offer.
          The free agent is under NO OBLIGATION to sign at your convenience… with that said.. I will do my best to get players signed ASAP.
          Be sure to use the SALARY LEGEND to adhere to minimum contract offers
          If you do NOT see a player on the free agent list... simply request to have him added. Be sure to add his FULL NAME, RATING and POSITION on the form so the player can be properly signed. IF YOU DO NOT add this INFO... there is a VERY STRONG Chance your player will NOT be signed to you !!

          You may sign free agents at any time during the season however you MUST announce your signing on your team page so that your offer can be reviewed, approved, and updated. If you do not have an announcement listed and you sign a player – in game – The player will be signed to your team under the 90-100 rated player rating on the salary legend for a period no less than 3 years.
          NO TRADE CLAUSES only apply to FREE AGENTS


          The Trade deadline will be at the end of WEEK 6

          i.      At that time.. there is NO MORE TRADING AND NO MORE RELEASING PLAYERS … PERIOD
          ii.      Again.. NO RELEASING ANY PLAYERS after week 6 – the admins will be watching this very closely.
          iii.      All players will remain on your roster after week 6 and their salaries will apply against your cap.

          ROOKIE DRAFT

          There will be a ROOKIE DRAFT of 2 rounds… using the rookies left over from the previous season.

          I will create the draft order and the list of rookies shortly


          The rookie list will be a COURTESY LIST and may not show every single rookie… however.. ALL rookies in the game can be drafted.. if you do not see a rookie on the list that you want… simply write him in.

          The draft will occur via spreadsheet – when it is your turn to draft… you will be notified and giving fair time to make your selection. If you do not draft within a fair amount of time given.. (no more than 24 hours)… you will be skipped in the draft. However… when you are ready to draft.. simply make your announcement and as long as the player is out there… he will be yours.
          The admins will make every effort to contact you for the draft however it will be YOUR responsibility to stay engaged… it is NOT the admins responsibility to babysit.
          I WILL DECIDE THE DRAFT ORDER MYSELF… and will do so based on activity over record and what I see as commitment of each owner.

          WEEKLY FLOW

          The schedule remains a 2 games per week… the weeks will continue to advance on Thursday and Sunday Nights – MIDNIGHT
          PLEASE DO NOT WAIT TILL THE DEADLINE to try to get your games in… you know your schedule and your opponents well enuff in advance that you can schedule your games and/or communicate efficiently. 

          Updated process – Admins Will Monitor Activity very Closely

          i.      The Admins will be monitoring games all week and we will post all un-played games 24 HOURS before the Thursday or Sunday Night deadlines…

          ii.      If you have a schedule conflict – the best way to not be charged with not playing you games is to CLEARLY communicate with your opponent(s) and your admins.

          iii.      Once the un-played games are announced… ALL TEAM OWNERS LISTED will need to report in on their intentions of getting your game played.
          If you BOTH REPORT – You need to get the game played before the deadline. If you do not… the game will be simmed and both owners will be charged on not playing the game.
          If you report and your opponent does not or reports that he/she will not be available – You will be allowed to play your opponent’s team who will be turned to auto-pilot.
          If Neither report – The Game will be simmed and Both owners will be charged for not playing
          A team owner that has been charged 3 TIMES WILL LOSE HIS/HER TEAM
          The only way an owner who has lost his team can get back in league if he/she wishes to return… is by LEAGUE VOTE. 

          ADMIN LIST – Thank you admins for stepping up !!!

          Your primary admin is NASTY NEY - He will be mainly responsible for advancing the league

          Other admins include
          i.      Mwils1
          ii.      Goodman40
          iii.      HrB BigBoy
          iv.      Ganjaman215
          v.      Kush Smokedusky

          Though we’d love to hear from everyone regarding game play concerns and/or rule concerns… the public forums and Facebook group should NOT be abused. I will not be interested in reading a bunch of insults from Nuff Colleague to Nuff Colleague… Even if your concern is ligit… Please address them with the admins first. We are not interested in publicly chastising and embarrassing Nuff Colleagues. Before you start posting complaints… please allow the admins to address them privately first… this way we have confidence that your intent is to find resolution and not to just try to embarrass a Nuff Colleague.

          Constructive public comments and/or concerns are embraced and will be taken seriously… however non-constructive comments/concerns will not be listened to if we think you are simply looking for public attention to the detriment of the league.

          Nuffers… please be aware that we are NOT INTERESTED in just putting warm bodies on a vacant team. We’d be more than happy to allow the computer to run teams as we play through the summer in preparation for Madden 14. Those who are committed… please do not read vacancies wrong… this is a perfect time for us to see who will be ready when the new game comes out as we expect to continue improving your league through the summer.

          Phew…lol.. OK That’s it for now… Please let the admins know if you are available to assist in building the rosters in the new league!!  Thanks again and look out for the free agent and rookies lists which will be published shortly.

          LETS GET READY !!!!